Your Mates Brewing

Sunshine Coast

A Brewery Built by Mateship

Born on the Sunshine Coast in 2013, this story was crafted by a community of mates, a dream of living your passion and a celebration of everything great about our Australian culture... 

The Your Mates story began with two mates, Hep and McGarry, sitting on a blue futon in their makeshift garage bar chewing the fat about life. Drinking craft beer was a new hobby of theirs, but after a while, they struggled to find a beer brand they could connect with. 

“Maate, how bloody hard could it be!?”
Your Mates Brewery barYour Mates Brewery happy as larry

Our Brewery

We’ve custom-designed our brewery and equipment to suit our style of beers, taking inspiration from traditional German methods of brewing that creates a creamy, frothy head and a full-flavoured but well-balanced beer. 

Despite our scientific approach, our location keeps us connected to the land, the earth and the elements. Our taproom is a place to relax and enjoy a beer, with plenty of grassy space and farm animals to keep the whole family entertained. It’s everything we love about where we live – great beers to enjoy with family and friends, surrounded by our beautiful and unique hinterland.