Terella Brewing

Sunshine Coast

Terella means “Little Earth”

We are building our vision of a dream brewery, while drawing inspiration from science, our connection to the local land and a serious love of beer. 

We have planted ourselves in North Arm, a rural setting between the hinterland and farms of the Sunshine Coast, surrounded by crops and free roaming cattle. Our concept is based on a sustainable cycle, producing what we need and using what we produce.

Our Brewery

We’ve custom-designed our brewery and equipment to suit our style of beers, taking inspiration from traditional German methods of brewing that creates a creamy, frothy head and a full-flavoured but well-balanced beer.

Despite our scientific approach, our location keeps us connected to the land, the earth and the elements. Our taproom is a place to relax and enjoy a beer, with plenty of grassy space and farm animals to keep the whole family entertained. It’s everything we love about where we live – great beers to enjoy with family and friends, surrounded by our beautiful and unique hinterland.