POMONA Distilling co.

Sunshine Coast

Bespoke Hand-Crafted Spirits

The Pomona Distilling Co story isn’t just about a distillery, it’s about a community that looks after each other, it’s about showcasing Pomona to the world and creating a concept and product that focuses on quality not quantity. You won’t find pallets of our product at our farm, you’ll find hand-crafted bottles of premium spirits, purified with activated charcoal and aged appropriately to allow the botanicals the respect and journey they deserve. 

This story has been 40 years in the making for our Master Distiller and owner, Robin Yates. His passion for the alchemy of spirits goes back to his old Uni days of distilling in the back of the chemistry lab while studying to be an Industrial Chemist. Robin now spends his days at his Pomona farm in the Noosa Hinterland region of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast experimenting with gin blends using native botanicals, some foraged straight from our farm. Our aim is to use locally sourced products where possible, with exception of our juniper berries which come directly from Eastern Europe, home to the highest quality juniper that create our signature gin flavour and smooth finish. We distil gin, vodka and liqueur using locally sourced and native botanicals.

It's All About The Journey

At Pomona Distilling Co we allow the journey from grain to glass the time it deserves to deliver a spirit that is as smooth and pure as the earth of which it came from. That same respect is given to our vision of creating a distillery that brings our community together and brings a sense of pride to our town of Pomona. We want to be the drink to share with friends, the cause for celebration, the place to meet and the space for creative expression. More importantly we want our community to feel that this is their spirit, their place….. The Pomona Spirit. 

Our food menu is designed around our in-house smoker, fuelled with native black wattle sourced from our family farm. At Pomona Distilling Co we’re passionate about craft spirit making, and with our local rich history and vibrant community it all comes together to create what is known as the Pomona Spirit. Whilst the distilling production is housed on the family property, you’ll find the Pomona Spirit is best shared on the site of the old Pomona Bakery built over 100 years ago.